What Is A Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour is not a video, but a series of ‘panoramas’ – wide screen photographs that we carefully ‘stitch’ or edit together to create an all round perspective of your property in a way that isn’t possible using standard photographic shots.

Are virtual tours just for interiors?

We can create virtual tours of both the inside and outside of your property.

For external tours, to achieve the best results possible, we do need natural light. To get that, we can start as early as 6:00am and keep working through until twilight. When we can, we prefer to shoot at midday, as then the sun is at its highest and brightest.

How successful are virtual tours at increasing bookings?

Independent research by DoubleClick (Google Ad Platform) in 2011 revealed that virtual tours generate on average 46% more sales and bookings than still photos alone.

This is largely down to the greater confidence and engagement that potential customers have when they get a 360° view of your property, compared with still photographs which can be taken from a particular angle to ‘hide the truth’.

That means they’re of benefit to owners of hotels, resorts, villas, vacation homes, restaurants, wedding or conference venues, indoor or outdoor arenas, museums or exhibitions – anywhere you want to increase bookings, sales and visitor numbers.

How long does it take to create a virtual tour?

This largely depends on the number of individual panoramas we need to take. While taking the photograph itself doesn’t take long – just a few minutes – preparing each scene for shooting can take anything from five minutes to an hour. So the better prepared you are before we arrive, the less time we will need to spend on site. We can give you an accurate estimate when we know more about your specific requirements.

How do you charge?

Since your villa, hotel or resort is just that little bit different from every other, no two virtual tours are quite the same. That makes it hard to be specific about how what your virtual tour would cost, since this will depend on the number of panoramas that need to be shot. The best way for us to find this out is to have a consultation on site with you – that’s absolutely free – after which we’ll be able to give you an accurate cost.

Should I expect a large ‘film crew’ to turn up?

Far from it. Normally there will be just two of us, though it would be useful if you could have a couple of people on hand to help move furniture or equipment, or act as ‘runners’ to fetch and carry things that might be needed to ‘dress’ the scene on the day.

How soon will my virtual tour be ready after shooting?

For small projects of up to five panoramas, you will normally have your virtual tour within just one week. For bigger projects, however, we may need extra time, but we will work long hours to ensure fast, quality results.

Will the tour work with all websites?

We use Flash and HTML5 based web files, as these are compatible with pretty much every standard desktop browser – Explorer, Safari or Firefox on either PC or Mac – and mobile devices. No special software or plug-ins are needed. Tours can be set up so they are either watchable by clicking on a link to a unique URL, or embedded into a webpage.

What are my hosting options?

You can either install the files on your computer or server, which won’t cost you anything, or you can have us host them on our server for a monthly or yearly fee.

The advantage of our hosting them is that we can make sure tours stay compatible with changing technology. You will also get up to 30 minutes of editing time each month, so we can make changes to your tour should you wish, for instance adding, deleting or amending music, information boxes with property details, images, slideshow galleries or videos, as well as booking or inquiry forms and links to Facebook and external blogs. We will also keep a permanent backup of your completed virtual tour and the images we take.

Does commentary come as part of the package?

We don’t provide a commentary ourselves, but we’re happy to incorporate your own voice-over into your virtual tour if you wish.

Can you add additional features to a standard virtual tour?

Absolutely. Here are some of the things that we can add to your virtual tour:

Photo gallery

Video footage

reservation form

“Book Now’ button,

Maps and Information boxes

Music (we have a library of royalty-free options)

Who owns the copyright of a virtual tour?

You do. However, we do make it a condition of sale that we can use any virtual tour that we have created for our own marketing purposes.

What makes you different from other companies that create virtual tours?

In one word – quality. You just need to take a look at our portfolio to see that. The whole point of a virtual tour is to show off your property to the world in the best way possible to differentiate it in the marketplace. That’s why we concentrate on producing a quality result, and though that means we might not be as cheap as some of our competitors, we believe that our high-resolution images, together with the time and attention we spend on them, will create the best possible impression of your property. It’s a small investment that will be repaid in no time through the extra bookings that result.

We’ll also go out of our way to provide you with the very best in customer service right from the start, and that includes providing you with tips and ideas for making your property look stunning for the shoot.

Do you offer any guarantees?

After taking the shots, we’ll edit the final images until you are 100% happy with the result. As it’s our intention to be the best virtual tour providers to the lodging industry, with an international reputation for the quality of our work, you can be sure that we are willing to go that extra mile – happy customers are the life-blood of our business.

Where are you based?

Our headquarters are in Utah, USA, but we work internationally and are currently providing services in and around South-East Asia.

I’m interested in a virtual tour. What’s the next thing I need to do?

Call us on 801-503-0883 or email info@impactvirtualtours.com, or Skype “impact.virtual.tours” to schedule an appointment for an initial consultation. That’s completely free and will give us the opportunity to understand your project, what you’re looking to achieve and how many panoramas will be needed to fulfill your brief.

Decide that our virtual tours will give you the sales and bookings you’re looking for and we can book your photography slot – a 30% deposit is required. We’ll then start providing you with suggestion on getting your property to look a million dollars on the day of the shoot.

Whether you’re looking to gain more exposure for a particular location, want to increase conversions and time spent on your site, or need to generate more bookings, our virtual tours are the answer.



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